Friday, August 13, 2010

Welcome to Faith in the Time of Foreclosure

Hi! My name is Teresa and I live in the beautiful house of my dreams in Colorado. I have been in the painful loan modification journey for 20 months. Yesterday, that journey ended unceremoniously, just via a two minute phone call, and my foreclosure and bankruptcy journey began.

As I searched the Internet looking for "foreclosure blogs" that could tell me, from a real life perspective, what might be ahead, I found a sweet blog called "Love in the Time of Foreclosure". It was real and refreshing and life-giving, so I unabashedly patterned my title after their story.

Only since I am single, this isn't going to be about love! I feel very much that my Father in Heaven cares about me and will be with me, that this journey will build my character and my experiences will help others, so I'm calling my blog, Faith in the Time of Foreclosure.

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