Friday, August 13, 2010

Cakes and Cornbread

Is it possible to sell enough of something to bail myself out without bankruptcy or foreclosure?

ABCNews is running a story on how ordinary people are fighting foreclosure.  I had already heard about the New Jersey woman's apple cakes.  She raised enough to get her house out of trouble. 

But now there is a lovely lady selling cornbread kits on the Internet to repurchase her house;  it was foreclosed on March 2, 2010 by the bank that MY mortgage is with!  This lady is believes in faith and prayer and her story lifted me ENORMOUSLY.  I just donated $50 to her -- I believe in "casting your bread upon the waters".    You can get her kits at 

Makes me wonder what I could do.  My day job definitely pays the bills and needs my attention. I wonder how much time I have?  I wonder if I could pour a ton of money into my 401k, get the 3% match, and at the 11th hour do a hardship withdrawal?  ... not sure I have the time or could pull it off.  If I could save $4000 per month, I might could do it in four months.  That's $2000 per paycheck.  I'd live on no more than $1000 per paycheck and the monthly payment would get further and further behind...

Not sure...

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