Friday, August 13, 2010

32 Magical Minutes

The day after the Fall from Grace, the autodialer calls started. I returned them as soon as I got home from work, only to find that my records were routed to a special department, "The Customer Advocacy Center", and they are only open 8-5 Pacific time.

I called first thing the next morning and was on the phone with them for 32 magical minutes. I don't know if I got the right group or not. The person I spoke with was definitely Collections oriented. He read a script to tell me that my "Notice of Foreclosure" expires 9-11-2010, told me I owed $19, 158.71, and could I make that payment, please.

I have no idea what else he might have wanted to say or explain because in that amount, I could tell right away that they had not applied my last two payments. You see, I have been making my monthly payments all this year and throughout most of last year. I transfer the payment electronically every month so I can track it. It goes into a holding account and they eventually apply it. They'd clearly gotten all the way through this process without applying about $3000 of payments. You wonder if that would have made any difference to the loan mod process but it's too late, now.

During the time that I was on this call with this "Customer Advocacy Center", and while they were tracking down the "lost" payments, I set up this blog! And got those payments applied! 32 magical minutes!

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